Windermere Debris Dive 2013

03rd March 2013
Along with hundreds of divers from across the UK I travelled up to the Lake District on Saturday 2nd March to take part in this fantastic event. Organised by TV Presenter and Explorer Paul Rose, the dive for debris in the lake aimed to raise awareness of plastic pollution in our oceans. With over 250 divers in the water around the lake shore at the same time, around 7 tons of rubbish was removed by the end of the day,ultimately to be turned into art sculptures by local schools.

BBC TV were at the event and an opportunity came up which enabled me to take one of their Go Pro video cameras into the water to get some underwater footage for their feature. I was delighted to see that my attempts at video made it into the BBC Breakfast report. You can view the BBC coverage here: and coverage by the British Sub Aqua Club here: